• Raleigh Sump Pump Installation & Repair

  • A low water table or improper drainage can flood your basement, damage your home’s foundation, and spur on mold and mildew growth. Sump pumps can help prevent these problems. Read on to learn more about your options. Raleigh Plumbing Pros is your Raleigh, NC sump pump service company. See what your neighbors are saying in our  customer reviews .

  • Why are sump pumps important?

  • In addition to preventing flooding during heavy rains, sump pumps also reduce hydrostatic pressure behind the foundation. Built up water pressure can cause damage to the foundation from sudden settling and shifting. The Midwest is prone to heavy clay soil that can hold water more easily. A sump basin collects water from either a drain tile or perimeter French drain system. It also serves as a way to prevent infiltration of radon gas in low-level areas, such as  the basement, when sealed properly.

  • What are common problems with this device?

  • Sump pumps can become clogged with sediment or present electrical problems. Many of the issues we commonly see that can easily be fixed include an improper fit to the sump pit size and a lack of filtration in the pit.

    Below are additional problems that we can help you solve:

    Lack of a backup system when there’s power failures: Power failures are some of the most common problems associated with a sump pump. The power failure could be internal, or it could result from a whole-house power outage. We recommend having a battery backup system in place.

    Improper sump pump size: A large basement or crawl space will require a sump pump that can effectively discharge water quickly during heavy rainstorms. A device with 1/2 horsepower or higher are recommended in homes that have higher water tables or surface areas to discharge.

    Frozen discharge pipes: Melting snow in the late winter can infiltrate the drainage system of your basement or home foundation. The discharge pipe pulls water away from the foundation, but in a cold frost this can freeze and result in flooding. We often recommend installing a frost-free discharge adapter.

    Poor drain filtration: Sediment from old drain tiles and mud in the foundation can clog pipes and fittings in a sump pit.

  • What are the different types of pumps available?

  • Choosing the correct style and size sump pump is the most important part of waterproofing an area. We recommend installing a battery backup system in all situations; this provides either an additional battery powered pump or battery service to the main pump when the power fails.

    There are other options to consider as well:

    Pedestal sump pumps: Pedestal pumps are economical and use a vertical float that can be positioned anywhere. We have found them to be popular in homes that contain a crawl space with a high water table or in areas where a pump cannot be submerged.

    Submersible sump pumps: Submersible pumps are the most popular type. They contain a sealed motor for immersion in a basin or pit. These types are expected to last up to 30 years if properly installed and maintained. They can also draw more water at a faster rate from the foundation.

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