• Raleigh Slab Leak Repair

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  • What is a slab leak?

  • Slab leaks are caused by damage to the plumbing that runs beneath your home. It is a unique problem encountered by homeowners who live in houses without basements. These homes are built on top of a slab, and plumbing is laid directly beneath the slab.

    In homes with basements, slab leaks do not occur because the pipes are not laid directly beneath the slab; however, this does not mean that these types of homes do not experience plumbing leaks.

    A slab leak results in water leaking directly beneath the first floor of the home. Water collects directly beneath your kitchen, family room, den, or even pool around your deck.

  • What causes the problem?

  • Common causes of slab leaks:

    Tree roots: These can grow into your pipe and create holes. Tree root invasion can also lead to sewer line problems as the roots continue to grow and block normal water flow.

    Poor construction: Pipes are often placed in a position where pressure from construction materials, such as concrete and rebar, are exerted onto the pipe. This results in the pipe developing a hole over time, resulting in a leak.

    Vibration in the pipe: This can happen over time with pressure from water flow, which can eventually cause a hole in the pipe.

  • What are problem signs to look out for?

  • Slab leaks can be highly destructive. Since they occur just beneath the floor, the potential for damage to your home is much higher compared to common pipe leaks.

    Beware of these signs that a slab leak is present:

    Hot water spots: Your floor will actually develop hot spots from the moist water pooling underneath. Is moisture seeping into your den or living room from underneath the floorboards? This is a telltale sign of a slab leak.

    Unexpected indoor humidity: If your once comfortably cool family room is now hot and humid, you may have a slab leak. Once again, this can be traced to the moisture building beneath the floor.

    Cracked flooring: Notice a crack or two on your floor? Is the crack growing? There is likely a slab leak.

    High water bill: Noticing a sudden spike in your water bill? This is a sure sign of a leak. If your home is built on a slab, it is likely a slab leak.

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