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  • When is repiping necessary?

  • Smaller problems can often be fixed by repairing the pipes rather than replacing them. For example, minor leaks will not need a complete replacement. However, if your pipes experience leaks fairly often, they may benefit from repiping.

    If your water starts to show a reddish tint, there is rust in your pipes. Rust can only be removed by replacing the affected pipe.

    Aging pipes should also be replaced if recurring problems persist; materials of even ten years ago are much less efficient than the materials that are installed today. Repiping an older system with copper or PEX piping is much more efficient and durable.

  • What are problem signs to look out for?

  • There are several signs that point to repiping as the solution. As mentioned above, rust and age are common problems that may require repiping.

    Another sign is decreased water pressure. Many think of this as only occurring in the shower and the faucets, but low water pressure also affects washing machines and toilets. If the washing machine is taking much longer than usual to fill up or the toilet is not refilling properly after it is flushed, this means the home has low water pressure. This can be caused by corroded pipes or tree roots breaking into your system. In either case, repiping may be necessary.

  • Should you use copper or PEX piping?

  • The two main types of materials being installed today are copper and PEX piping.

    Copper pipes cost more upfront, but they are extremely durable and can last several decades. Copper piping manufacturers have even been known to offer 50-year warranties. They are also weather-resistant and are less likely to corrode, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

    PEX pipes are a less costly alternative, but they are still reliable and durable. These pipes are flexible and can fit in angled spaces. They are also low-cost in terms of repair and replacement.

    Leaks and breaks in a pipe should be taken care of immediately to prevent significant water damage. Replacing pipes does not have to be a hassle with Raleigh Plumbing Pros by your side.

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