• Raleigh Gas Line Repair & Leak Detection

  • Running natural gas in your home puts you at risk of potential gas leaks. Damaged gas lines that are left unrepaired can lead to leak problems. Read on to know the signs of leaking, and when to contact the team at Raleigh Plumbing Pros for expert gas line repair.

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  • Do you need to repair your gas line?

  • If a break in the line goes unnoticed, a gas leak can form. The most important time to check the line is after a heavy storm. Underground pipes can be brought to the surface and exposed during bad weather. If they are exposed to air and the elements, they can be easily damaged.

    If there is a visible crack or hole in the pipe, it should be repaired immediately. Damaged connections to gas appliances are another indication of a gas line in need of repair. Listen for a hissing sound coming from a connection near your appliance.

  • What are some signs that you have a gas leak?

  • If there is damage to the gas line, there is likely a leak developing.

    As natural gas is odorless and colorless, gas companies add a rotten egg smell to it so it is easier to detect a leak. However, do not rely solely on your nose.

    Be on the lookout as well for dead or dying vegetation near your gas line. This is a sure sign of leaking. Escaped gas will also blow dirt and water into the air.

    If the gas leak is evident, leave your home immediately and call your local gas company to report the problem once you are in a safe location. As you leave, do not turn on any electrical switches or devices. Natural gas is highly flammable; any spark has the potential to create a flame or even an explosion.

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