• Raleigh Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

  • Your standard garbage disposal plays a large role in keeping your drains healthy. At Raleigh Plumbing Pros, we understand that disposals have become central to kitchen functionality. If any problems arise, costly plumbing repair bills may follow. That’s why, in addition to providing cost effective solutions, we also like to give our customers easy maintenance tips to keep their disposal in good working order. Click here to see what your neighbors in Raleigh,NC are saying in our customer reviews.

    When you work with us, you will always receive an upfront quote. We do not charge by the hour or keep you waiting until the project is finished to surprise you with the bill. You will know exactly what to expect before we start any work.

  • What are common garbage disposal problems?

  • When you turn on your disposal, does it make a loud, unusual sound? If the disposal does not have a smooth chopping action anymore, one or more of the blades may be loose. The blades are not fixed parts; they are attached with bolts or screws. This design allows them to be replaced if broken. Loose blades are not necessarily cause for replacement, however; they may simply need to be tightened. Raleigh Plumbing Pros can come in and adjust the blades, making your appliance work like new again.

    Another problem involves power. When the disposal overheats, it triggers an internal shut-off mechanism. Try to determine the source of the overheating problem, such as a bone stuck in the blades, and press the reset button. This should solve the issue. If the disposal is still not powering on, contact us for repair or replacement options.

  • Should you repair or replace your unit?

  • Loose or broken blades are perfect candidates for basic repairs, but disposals with more complicated breakdowns should be replaced.

    For example, a unit with a faulty motor requires replacement. The labor and parts cost for just the motor alone can be close to the replacement cost. Newer models are also more energy efficient and offer a longer lifespan compared to a unit that has been repaired.

    Disposals with intermittent power issues may just need a simple wiring repair. Wires between the appliance and outlet can fray over time. This repair is a budget friendly alternative to entire unit replacements.

  • What are easy maintenance tips?

  • Maintaining your garbage disposal is key for prolonged service life.

    Avoid placing difficult to shred food items such as egg shells, bones, potato skins and pasta items in your drain. Potato skins and pasta, in particular, can bloat in water and clog your drains.

    Another simple tip is to freeze lemon or lime juice as ice cubes, and place one or two in the disposal once a month and let the blades chop up the ice. This is an effective way to clean the device’s internal components. The citrus juice becomes a cleaning agent and leaves a lovely smell afterward. This cleaning method should slough away residual food particles.

    Avoid using chemical cleaners where the disposal is placed. The spinning blade action can force the liquid upward, possibly harming your eyes or face. Chemical cleaners can also harm your pipes if used too often and speed up their deterioration.

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