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  • At Raleigh Plumbing Pros, our experienced professionals offer a full range of services for faucets, fixtures, and sinks. We provide repairs and replacements, and will advise you on ways to avoid problems with your units in the future. Contact us to work with local┬áRaleigh Plumbing Pros faucet and fixture experts who can get the job done on time and at a competitive rate. Click here to take a look at our customer reviews.

  • When is it necessary to upgrade your sink or faucet?

  • Faucets can become damaged due to misuse or leaks; these are problems that can often be repaired by our technicians. We can also recommend replacement options if you would like to upgrade the style or efficiency of your existing unit.

    If your sink is damaged, cracking, or losing its aesthetic appeal, you may want to consider a replacement. No matter what type of sink you are planning to install (cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic, etc.), we will help you with a professional set up that complements your existing plumbing lines.

  • How can you avoid leaks?

  • A faucet leak can be a minor inconvenience that results in a moderate amount of water waste and a bothersome dripping sound. However, it may also be a significant problem that requires you to turn off your water supply until the matter is resolved; this may call for immediate service.

    Understanding what causes your faucet to leak can help you avoid the problem. A common reason for leaking involves the loosening of the screw that keeps the faucet handles tight and secure; keeping this screw tight can help minimize leaks.

    Hard water can also affect your faucet. As the minerals in untreated hard water build up around the faucet and its surrounding components, they can cause the materials to degrade. Installing a water softener will prove beneficial not only to your faucet, but also to your overall health and appearance, as hard water can make your skin and hair brittle.

    While these steps can help reduce chances of developing leaks, you may still need to replace your fixtures if they are older or if they become physically damaged.

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