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  • What are common problems affecting the dishwasher drain line?

  • An important part of your dishwasher that helps its normal operation is the air gap. This feature allows air into the dishwasher, helping your unit drain properly without generating a vacuum and restricting water from flowing out of the unit.

    There are a few problems that can occur with the air gap:

    Water flowing out: In some cases, water can flow back out of the air gap while the dishwasher is running. The cause could be a damaged seal or blockage in the pipe which connects the air gap. This blockage can be removed with a plumber's snake.

    Clogging: The air gap can become clogged as well. This can result in several problems, including the dishwasher failing to drain properly.

    Dishwasher knockout plug: If a new dishwasher has been fitted recently, you will need to check to see if the knockout plug has been removed. This is a crucial step; otherwise, water can come out of the air gap and cause problems. This should be checked during a new dishwasher installation.

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