• Raleigh Gas Log Fireplace Installation

  • There is nothing quite like enjoying a warm fire on a chilly evening. While many homes have wood-burning fireplaces, more and more homeowners are moving towards gas log units. Raleigh Plumber is your local Raleigh Plumbing Pros gas log fireplace installation expert. We work with residents throughout Raleigh, NC to make sure their new fireplace units are set up according to code.

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  • What are the benefits of gas log fireplaces?

  • Gas log units are easy to use. You can start a gas fire simply with the turn of a switch or knob, and turning it off is just as easy. The fire stays lit as long as you want. There is no struggle trying to get the fire to start, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of continuously tending to the fire to keep it lit.

    There is also no need to purchase wood for your gas fireplace. Wood can become costly and a hassle to store. A gas log fireplace actually uses stones that look just like wood; no one will be able to tell the difference!

    Another great benefit is reduced clean-up and maintenance compared to wood-burning fireplaces. Wood-burning units create a mess of ash and soot that is difficult to clean up. This mess is completely eliminated when using a gas log unit. Aside from the yearly chimney sweep, there is little need to clean or maintain your fireplace.

  • What do you need to consider before installation?

  • The work involved when installing a gas log fireplace depends on your home’s features. If your home does not have a fireplace at all, you will need to run new gas lines and have a new fireplace unit put in place.

    If you already have a fireplace and wish to convert to a gas log unit, we will install a new gas line for you without hassle. Homes with an unfinished basement or a drop ceiling provide the easiest access to the gas lines.

    Your Raleigh Plumber technician will make sure all precautions are taken into consideration when setting up your new gas line. We will make sure that when the project is complete, there are no leaks in the new line.

    When you work with Raleigh Plumbing Pros, you can rest assured that your new gas log fireplace will work reliably for years to come. Our experts will run your new line safely and securely so that you can enjoy all of the benefits offered by a gas log fireplace.

  • Make sure your new gas log fireplace is installed properly the first time. Reap the benefits of this convenient heating unit and call today at (919) 500-5210 to start discussing your options.