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  • It’s summer, and you want to be comfortable in your own home. Make sure your air conditioner is able to provide the cool air you need. Contact your Raleigh, NC's coil cleaning and repair experts at Raleigh Plumbing Pros. We are focused on delivering fast solutions and long term cooling efficiency for all of our customers. Click here to see what your neighbors are saying about their experiences working with us.

  • How does the evaporator coil work?

  • Your evaporator coil is located in the indoor part of your air conditioning system. This part is responsible for changing the home’s warm air into cool air. Your evaporator coil works in both your air conditioner and heater. As warm air crosses over the coils, the coolant inside removes the heat from the air as it evaporates. It exchanges the cool air for warm air in the winter months and hot air for cooled air in the summer time, making it an essential part of your home’s heating and cooling system.

  • When is repair or replacement necessary?

  • Are you noticing anything unusual with your air conditioner lately? Contact us for an inspection.

  • Look out for these problems:

  • Inconsistent temperatures: A faulty evaporator coil will stop exchanging hot air for cooled air. Your heating or cooling system will continue to run but the temperature inside your home will become too hot or too cold depending on the season.

    HVAC system turns on and off repeatedly: If the coils are not working properly, your air conditioner or heater will turn off and on without changing the temperature inside your home. With the coils unable to exchange the air for the right temperature, your unit is just running with no possibility of heating or cooling your home.

    Unusual sounds: If your home’s air conditioner or heater is making strange hissing or spitting sounds, it might be time to replace the evaporator coils because coolant is escaping the system.

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  • When you call Raleigh Plumbing Pros, you can expect the project to be completed on time with no hidden costs. Our air conditioning specialists will make sure the problem is completely solved and that no further issues occur.

    We will also help you determine if the coil needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired. In some cases, it is just a matter of cleaning the coils and the HVAC system of dust and debris.

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